About the owner/CEO

About the CEO

Starting a consulting practice shortly after our democracy, particularly in the construction sector, has been both challenging and rewarding. Our success is directly attributable to the combined efforts of all our staff, both past and present, and I thank each and every one of them for their contribution that has shaped who we are today.

However, it is not only who we are but, more importantly, what we do and how we do it that makes us extraordinary. The fact that we are instrumental in the delivery of services to our nation, thereby touching the lives of all our people, is the inspiration that drives the “MPA Family” every single day.

Being at the helm of the organisation has allowed me to apply an element of maternal instinct to our wonderful organisation. The diverse nature of the composition of our organisation, ranging in age, race and gender, bears testimony to the credo of the “Rainbow Nation”. Our composition, therefore, was a product of evolution and was never a deliberate move to comply – it was more an inbred and unconscious attempt by our staff to ensure equality for all.

My dedicated team strives to be competitive at all levels and in all spheres and we are not deterred by our size. We successfully enter into joint ventures on larger projects and ensure meaningful contribution by our organisation, at the same time utilising these opportunities to leverage and create new areas of specialisation.


CEO Message

We believe that we have a fundamental role to play in attracting more women into the sector as well as giving women entrepreneurs the confidence to start their own consulting practices. We have been instrumental in two very successful women starting their own companies in the sector and are proud of such empowerment successes.

We have also realised the importance and impact that meaningful and lasting employment creation initiatives have on individuals and particularly women and, as such, have a specific division to focus in this area.

On a broader front, we have taken a bold step forward in successfully participating on projects on the African continent, particularly in the SADC region. This bold approach to creating an organisation that is structured to stand the test of time is, in the end, what makes MPA an organisation like no other, both in the engineering sector, as well as in this wonderful continent of ours.