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Delivering to client expectations starts with having exceptional people.

We are always looking for professionals and young people who bring talent, experience and passion to their fields. We love having a diverse team who bring different perspectives, challenge boundaries and go beyond the project scope to help shape a sustainable future.

MPA offers a rewarding career path for enthusiastic and collaborative achievers who are motivated to make a difference.

Every employee plays a key role in shaping and expanding our business and we are committed to nurturing talent and supporting personal and career development.

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We would love to hear from you.  Send your CV to  Herewith is a list of our current vacancies.

Career development

MPA has an active programme to develop people to be professionals registered with their appropriate qualifying bodies i.e. PrEng, Pr TechEng and then actively supporting career development in areas of technical leadership specialisation, management and project management.

Tertiary Education assistance

We actively sponsor our employees with post graduate studies so that they can gain skills and knowledge to excel in their careers.

Referrals fee

MPA recognises that referrals are a trusted way to identify and secure talent and we reward great referrals.

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