Employment Creation & Development (ECaD)

ECaD – Employment Creation and Development Employment creation is one of the South African Government’s top five priorities. The Expanded Public Works Programme is one of government’s strategic components to address employment creation.

Over half of the expenditure is targeted at the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure, most of which will be spent through local and provincial authorities. Success will contribute to poverty alleviation. Achievement of government’s policy objectives requires action on several fronts.

These include:

  • Employment generation and related skills;
  • Local authority capacity building;
  • Establishment of competent small consultants and contractors.

As a company, MPA Consulting is committed to promoting the use of labour enhanced construction methods, which significantly increases employment in comparison with conventional equipment intensive methods.

This can be effected without compromising time, cost and quality. In addition, the proper use of labour enhanced methods entails the development of engineering and site skills.

South Africa has a vast majority of communities living in rural areas. In many instances, these communities are primarily female. The use of innovative techniques can greatly assist in developing these communities and teaching skills to these previously disadvantaged female groups.

MPA Consulting has the internal resources to provide the consulting engineering and project management expertise essential to the generation of significant employment opportunities and the constituent skilled personnel.

This includes assistance with establishing competent small and medium sized contractors as well as the deployment of expertise to manage complex processes entailing attention to the following:

  • Criteria for selection (education, training and experience);
  • Selection;
  • Mentoring and rigorous assessment.

MPA Consulting provides a complete package that will ensure sustainable capacity is built within an authority, which ensures that competent technical and managerial skills are applied during the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure.

Social Research & Impact Assessment

It is essential that projects are designed and constructed with a full understanding of the socio economic fabric of the communities, which we aim to serve by the Projects we design. Hence, MPA are first movers in providing specialist social services complimentary to the engineering practice. This includes the following:

  • Baseline Community Profiles;
  • Awareness Creation and Community Engagement;
  • Skills Audits;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Contractor Empowerment Impact Assessments;
  • Compliance to IFC Performance Standards;
  • Social Impact Assessments;
  • Social & Labour Plan Performance Audits.