Transportation-Traffic Engineering

MPA has been a contributor to the world-class traffic and transportation technology and intelligence undertaken in South Africa in the last few years.

MPA Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Division comprises a professional team that is committed to rendering transportation and traffic solutions that are geared to cost effectively address the client’s needs. The division is equipped with the latest software required to undertake traffic and transportation assignMents across the board from localised traffic assessments to corridor type investigations and regional level strategic type modelling and master planning.

MPA can carry out the full range of micro-simulation studies, and meso-scopic demand modelling and macro modelling.

MPA has implimented eco-mobility and Public Transport projects, including stakeholder consultation and support infrastructure and project management.

MPA carries out BRT Planning including Road and Traffic and
for Non-Motorised Transport, walking and cycling, (NMT) uses.

Clients range from private developers to parastatals and the public sector.