Water & Sanitation

Access to water and sanitation is a basic right for all citizens and as such MPA Consulting is committed to providing water and sanitation solutions that are simple, sustainable and cost effective.

The Water and Sanitation Division is involved in projects ranging from municipal infrastructure and systems analysis to water management and audits. The division makes use of the latest design software to assist in the design and analysis process. The division is responsible for all 6 stages of the project cycle from inception to close-out. This includes the investigation, planning, design and implementation of water supply and sanitation systems, including bulk as well as township services, water and sewage conveyance.

We work in the private sector environment, having executed a number of projects related to water and sewer master planning. The division has niche experience in trenchless technology and infrastructure in dolomitic areas.

They also undertake Master planning and network analysis for both existing as well as new infrastructure.

MPA is responsible for all facets of such projects from concept to implementation. Water and Sanitation projects may require employment intensive construction and MPA Consulting has established an excellent reputation for their experience and expertise in this area, being endowed with key staff accredited in this regard.